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Treasure Island, Florida is located on the west coast of Florida and is part of the Tampa Bay area. Treasure Island is in fact, a island. Treasure Island is connected to Madeira Beach to the north by the John's Pass Bridge. The Treasure Island Causeway Bridge connects Treasure Island to St. Petersburg to the east. On the south end of the island is the Blind Pass Bridge which connects Treasure Island with St. Pete Beach.

The Treasure Island Clock Tower stands at the entrance to Treasure Island right before Gulf Boulevard. Coming to Treasure Island from St. Petersburg, You can see the tower standing high above other buildings and greeting people as they come to Treasure Island. During points throughout the day, the clock tower will play music and chime. In addition to having a clock on its face, the sides of the tower are also adorned with images of the Treasure Island seal.

Below is more information about Treasure Island to help make your stay on our island more enjoyable.

Frequently requested statistics for: Treasure Island city, Florida
Population, housing, eduction, economy and more about Treasure Island, Florida - Find out more

Duke Energy urges customers to be Hurricane ready
Hurricane season begins June 1, but preparing for these massive storms should never stop.
The following tips can help you and your family stay safe if severe weather strikes and the power goes out.
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Emergency Access Permit for barrier island residents and businesses
In an effort to prevent looting and burglary after a large-scale mandatory evacuation, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the barrier islands have joined forces to provide free Emergency Access Permits to all businesses and residents of the barrier islands. Once a mandatory evacuation order has been lifted, Emergency Access Permits will be required to re-enter an evacuated area. There are nine entry points to the barrier islands. Access will be limited based on the closest entry point to your residence.
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New Treasure Island app makes it easier for residents to report problems
City residents now can report problems such as potholes, abandoned vehicles and malfunctioning traffic lights with a few strokes on their keyboards or smartphones.
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Gulf Boulevard hotels give tourists tips on crossing dangerous street
Local beach hotels are reminding their visitors to look both ways before crossing the street.
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Treasure Island Beach Parking Passes
The Treasure Island Parking Permit is a plastic hanger that is placed on the rear-view mirror facing the front of the car. - Find out more

On-Line Beach Access Guide
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Coastal Management Program has launch its coastal access guide. The interactive website allows users to locate beach access points and additional information such as restrooms, picnic tables and lifeguard availability statewide. - Click Here

A do's and don'ts list for Pinellas County beaches
Going to the beach? Here is a list of does and don'ts about alcohol, nudity, fires, pets and camping on the beach.
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Suncoast Beach Trolley
Hop on the Suncoast Beach TrolleySM and you can explore all of the unique beach communities from its beginning at Park Street Terminal in downtown Clearwater to 75th Avenue and Gulf Boulevard. Check out the shops on Corey Avenue, enjoy the sights at John's Pass Village, or just take in a beautiful sunset. It's the fun, easy, and affordable way to do and see everything you want to on the beach. The Suncoast Beach TrolleySM runs every 20 - 30 minutes from 5:05 a.m. to 10:10 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Sunday, including holidays, with service until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Look for special trolley bus stop signs located frequently along the route. In addition to the services along Gulf Boulevard, connector routes run between the coast and downtown St. Petersburg. PSTA Bus Operators do not carry cash or make change, exact fare is required. The bus and trolley fare is just $2.00 per ride, or ride all day with an Unlimited Daily GO Card. GO Cards are $4.50 and are available onboard the trolleys, buses, or at various locations countywide. The fare boxes are equipped to handle $1, $5 and $10 bills but do not give change. Click here for the trolley schedule.

Beach towns' Gulf Boulevard a risky trip for pedestrians
Walking or cycling in the area can be tricky, especially along Gulf Boulevard, which connects the beach communities for roughly 15 miles from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater.
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Feet's arch enemy: Flip-flops
They’re easy, relatively inexpensive and they can be highly fashionable. They’re a symbol of the Sunshine State and its laid-back, go-to-the-beach lifestyle. They are flip-flops, and the very sight of them can make a podiatrist cringe
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TripAdvisor Travelers' waterside code of conduct
The world’s largest travel site, has announced the results of its annual beach and pool etiquette survey of more than 1,400 U.S. travelers.
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Consumer Reports Sunscreen Ratings: Walgreens and No-Ad are Best Buys
Just in time for Memorial Day and the start of summer activities, Consumer Reports rated 18 popular sunscreens. CR Best Buys include No-Ad with Aloe & Vitamin E SPF 45 and Walgreens Continuous Spray Sport SPF 50.
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Three good beach picnic ideas
Beware of aggressive seabirds that love to swoop down on unattended food. Cover food if you get up to swim, hunt shells or throw the Frisbee. Do not feed the birds; that only makes it worse for you and the next group that comes along.
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Few motorists aware of Florida law to stop at crosswalks with signs
At a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection or a crosswalk that is marked mid-block, regulations mandate that drivers must yield right-of-way to pedestrians. - Read more

Common Sense Beach Swimming Rules
Some simple, common sense safety rules to follow while enjoying the wwaters of Treasure Island.
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Credit Card Insurance vs. Third-Party Travel Insurance
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Some interesting Treasure Island facts:

Population (2004) 7,521
Land area in square miles 1.6
Gulf Frontage 3.83 miles
Bay Frontage 28.39 miles
Streets 24.24 miles
Incorporated 1955
Elevation 5ft
Drinking age 21
Liquor sales Mon thru Sat 8 am till 2 am, Sun 11 am till 2 am
Public beach runs entire length of city - no dogs are allowed on the beach including the paved beach trail.
Beach open from sunrise till 10pm


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